• Large Area Industrial

    Large Area Industrial

    AAA-LUX advanced lighting technology is ideal for Ports, Airports, Rail and large area infrastructure needs requirements.

These products combine new technologies and components to design, develop and supply high-power LED floodlights and flexible lighting control management systems that provide end-users with the illumination flexibility and quality they require.

AAA-LUX high-power LED floodlights and wireless lighting control management systems (LCMS) allow end-users to decide when, where and how much illumination is required. All essential components for the floodlights, luminaires and LCMS are produced in-house and the software is updated continuously. This enables AAA-LUX to maintain full control over the quality of its illumination solutions and to always be able to provide the latest configuration required.

Thanks to AAA-LUX illumination solutions, the safety and security of assets is assured, productivity of employees is improved and the game-experience of both athletes and spectators is taken to another level.

Features & Benefits

  • Quality and uniformity providing daylight impression.
  • Up to 45-meter height installations requiring fewer masts.
  • The addition of lighting control management systems can provide energy savings of up to 80%.
  • Improved CCTV monitoring conditions and reduced technical interference.
  • Improved productivity through better illumination.
  • Reduced maintenance requirements through wireless control and diagnostics.
  • Military and aircraft industry standard wireless communications protocols


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