• Architectural


    Smartlux is able to provide a range of tailored solutions
    for quality architectural lighting from the Hellux luminaire range
    based out of Laatzen in Germany.

Hellux are an innovative LED producer who bring to market a product which stands apart on the global stage.

Hellux architectural luminaires, conform to the highest standards of energy saving and reduced environmental impact, while integrating seamlessly into existing or newly designed spaces and lighting them spectacularly.

Ideal for application in:

  • Public spaces
  • Light industry and logistic hubs
  • Railway and transport platforms
  • Feature / Architectural spaces
  • Office, Retail and Commercial

Features & Benefits

  • Energy efficient.
  • Lend a high degree of control to architects and engineers to effectively light public spaces with a competitive European solution.
  • Visually compelling and dynamic.
  • Capability of in house bespoke manufacture to lighting design specifications.
  • Smart Lighting

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    Our LED lighting is high quality, affordable and can be tailored to any application.

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