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    Six reasons why AAA-LUX high-powered LED floodlights are the best choice!

Better illumination

AAA-LUX high-powered LED floodlights create a more even and uniform light distribution and has color stability that matches that of daylight. This increases the safety of assets and employees and reduces the time for people to respond to observations.

Easy retrofit

As the dimensions, weight and wind shear are similar to convention floodlight luminaires, AAA-LUX high-powered LED floodlights can be used to retrofit any project. AAA-LUX high-powered LED floodlights don’t require additional cabling or replacement of the mast. Installation and set-up of the luminaires is also similar to the installation of conventional luminaires.

Easy to operate

The wireless communication between the control unit and the AAA-LUX armature allows for installing the user interface wherever it is convenient. Controls like clocks, sensors or online booking systems can easily be integrated.

Flexible in use

AAA-LUX high-powered LED floodlights provide the required illumination quality immediately. The floodlights can be dimmed or switched on or off as many times as is required, without having to wait several minutes for the lights to be up to standard and without a loss in quality and flexibility.

Energy saving

The energy consumption of AAA-LUX high-powered LED floodlights can easily be adjusted without affecting illumination uniformity or quality. When connected to the AAA-LUX LCMS additional energy savings can be achieved thanks to the flexible use of the system.

Efficient lighting

AAA-LUX high-powered LED  floodlights are easy to aim. This allows for maximum illumination within the required area and limited light spill in areas that are supposed to remain dark.  This reduces glare and light pollution for the people and animals living nearby.
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