“Since powerPerfector introduced Voltage Power Optimisation® to the UK, the company has been at the forefront of the voltage optimisation market.

Their technology is trusted by some of the biggest names in energy and climate change.

They include the energy regulator (Ofgem), the government’s climate change department (DECC), the UK’s main electricity distributor (National Grid), the UK’s biggest retailer (Tesco), the UK’s environmental guardians (Environment Agency), as well as 160 local authorities and 20 government agencies.”


The Power Perfector IQ (pPiQ®) is a recent innovative enhancement which has propelled this technology to new heights. Responsive Power Optimisation (RPO®) builds on VPO to more efficiently optimise, save and use power, strengthening its ability to de-risk financial, operational and reputational risk.  


Just like LED was a game changer for the lighting industry, pPiQ® and RPO® are game changers for those looking to leverage either simple voltage optimisation or power factor corrections within their business.

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